How Many Hearts Does A Giraffe Have? Our Answer

How Many Hearts Does A Giraffe Have? A giraffe has four hearts.

What animal has 4 hearts? The Octopus

Do any animals have 2 hearts? There is no definitive answer to this question because it is still unknown whether or not any animals have two hearts. Some research suggests that certain animals, such as the octopus and some fish, may have two hearts, but more research is needed to confirm this.

What animal has 8 hearts? The octopus has 8 hearts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Animal Has 6 Hearts?

The octopus has six hearts.

What Animal Has More Than 1 Heart?

A mammal that has more than one heart is a platypus. They have a regular heart and a specialised “dual” heart which pumps blood separately to their lungs and their other organs.

What Animal Has 3 Hearts?

The octopus has 3 hearts–two in its head and one in its body.

What Animal Had 2 Hearts?

The heart of a snake is actually two hearts. One heart is the pumps blood through the body while the other pumps blood to the lungs.

What Animals Have 2 Or More Hearts?

There are a few animals that have 2 hearts. Some examples include: octopuses, earthworms, and some types of fish.

Does Any Animal Have 3 Hearts?

No, there are no animals that have three hearts.

What Animals Has 5 Hearts?

Groups of animals that have five hearts include earthworms and octopuses.

A giraffe has four hearts.

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