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Anglo-Saxonism’ and the Meaning of Imperialism for Americans

Many people now state that the United States of America is somewhat similar to empires, and that’s understandable. Analyzing American history of different periods, we can see how such tendencies developed, as well as how certain imperialistic strategies are implemented in the USA today.

The USA have certain features which are typical for empires, since, according to the very definition of an empire, it’s a group of countries or states, which have the same administrative center headed by a monarch, an oligarchical structure, or a sovereign state. There were many monarchies and empires in many countries, throughout the world’s history. Some empires existed just a few decades, others lasted for hundreds years. Despite all the differences, these countries had a lot in common. The most noticeable feature of such countries is expanding of the territory and influence far beyond original borders.

First of all, let’s consider the meaning of ‘Anglo-Saxonism’, and its role in American history. Obviously, this term sends us to Anglo-Saxons, who were ancestors of the modern British people, as well as of many of modern Americans. In fact, there were different Germanic tribes that lived on the territory of the modern Great Britain. Some right-wing British politicians use the term ‘Anglo-Saxons’ in the context of the racial, or ethnic superiority.

The US became one of the most developed economies at the end of the XIX century, when Europe and America referred to racial theories quite often. Josiah Strong was an American who built the whole theory of white superiority. His ideas found reflections in his controversial book, called “Our Country”. According to his theories, Anglo-Saxons are the superior race. They are Christians, they are civilized, and this makes them a chosen race which is able to bring such “enlightenment” to “savages”. Josiah Strong stated that such a theory is the best solution both for American inner economy, and foreign policy. However, he was not the only one who considered white, English-speaking people a superior race. Even Theodore Roosevelt highlighted such racial issues in some of his works. The popularity of racist ideology was a main cause of the Spanish-American war. This war took place in 1898, and these events inspired Rudyard Kipling to write his “The White Man’s Burden” in 1899.

This war is not the only historical event that illustrates American imperialistic ambitions. The Mexican-American war, the Philippine-American War, Alaska, purchased by the US, and Hawaiian events are just a few more examples of the United States acting as an empire. The ideology of Anglo-Saxonian superiority still exists within certain political forces. Even though now the United States became a more multi-cultural country, all steps towards equality always meet with resistance by right-wing structures, and the roots of American racism lay exactly in Anglo-Saxonian ideology.

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